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Foundation & Future

NAMA’s Coffee Tea & Water conference covers every aspect of the coffee/tea/water service, pantry and workplace amenities industries, no matter where you are in your professional journey. From the essentials of a strong foundation to advanced leadership tools and insights, CTW focuses on products, technology and solutions to enhance the evolving workplace experience.

Education & Inspiration

John Boccuzzi Photo

Navigating the New Normal:
Experience-Driven Workspaces

Join TEDx speaker John Boccuzzi, Jr., as he shares his perspective on the transformation of workspaces and the integration of technology, design and experiences that unite co-working, remote and in-person workers.

Learn how elements of a quality hot beverage are sourced and processed as you tour a local water facility and coffee roasting company who combine to create a quality office breakroom experience.

Fill Your Cup With...

building blocks - EXISTING ON SITE (1)

Building blocks and advanced leadership skills for operators entering the marketplace or industry veterans shaping future.

new business introductions (1)

New business introductions providing knowledge-based networking amongst a niche community of thought leaders and experts in the convenience services industry.

technology - EXISTING ON SITE (1)

Technology and product solutions designed to improve office refreshment services and advance workplace amenities.

education idea sharing (1)

Education and idea-sharing around today’s issues including sustainability, beverage & snack trends, changing workplace expectations and more.

Seven Hours of Face-to-Face Engagement

Reserve your booth in the Expo Hall to take advantage of seven hours of uninterrupted interaction with operators and key decision makers looking for products and technology that deliver an exceptional experience to their clients.

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